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Make Time for Romance This Holiday Season

holidays, romanceIf you’re like most people, you’re gearing up for the busy holiday season. While it’s a great time of year, it can also put a strain on relationships. Here are a few tips for making time for romance, even in the busiest holiday season.

Make date night a priority

It’s easy to let holiday plans take over your life. If you’re in a relationship though, this can make your partner feel like they aren’t very important. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid this by keeping up with date nights! If you don’t have a regular date night, then this is the time to start!

Say no…to obligations, that is!

Many people have a hard time saying “no” when they’re asked to help, especially during the holiday season. Not only can this put a strain on your free time, it also increases your overall stress level, which is a surefire romance killer! So, make sure you don’t over-obligate yourself with holiday festivities this time around!

Include romance in the celebration

The holidays and gift-giving go hand in hand. This gives you a golden opportunity to make romance a part of the celebration! This is a great way to make sure that holiday stress doesn’t end up hurting your relationship. So, pick out some sweet, romantic, and sexy gifts for your significant other so they know they’re always on your mind.

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, the holiday season is full of both fun and work. These simple tips can help you make the most of the season while protecting your relationship along the way!




Fake It Until You Feel It

lingerie, feel greatEveryone struggles with feelings of insecurity from time to time – it’s normal. But it’s important not to let those feelings keep you from living! So, when you’re feeling a bit off your game, these quick tips can help you feel more secure.

Feeling insecure about your tummy? No problem – dress yourself up and select darker colors, from emerald green and black to wine red. These colors are commonly used to make you look slimmer. Next, select baby doll style lingerie. This style hangs loosely around your midsection – it’s the perfect solution!

Not so happy with your bust line? Treat yourself to a padded, push-up bra set or select lingerie that has these features. A bustier is also a great choice as they greatly enhance your cleavage. If you’re looking for a more daring solution, try a plunging neckline. This cut creates the right illusion and is a sexy look!

Do your thighs have you down? You can get lingerie that stops mid-thigh to cover up this tricky problem area. A slinky robe can provide a bit of extra coverage as well. If you are looking for two-piece sets, boy shorts can do the trick. These sexy bottoms are flattering and they don’t pinch, pull, or crawl like other types of bottoms.

Unhappy with your arms? This common problem has a very easy fix. A sexy, lacy cover-up can be used with nearly any lingerie you wear, providing a bit of coverage in key areas like your arms and waist. You can also use a slinky satin robe to create the same effect.

These little tricks can help give you the boost you need to get over a slump. But remember, you’re  beautiful just like you are – don’t let a little insecurity ruin the fun!


Setting the Mood with Candlelight

candlelight, candles, mood setting

We think the idea of creating a mood is one that gets overlooked. When you think about it, however, it makes a lot of sense. When you put on your exercise clothes, you feel more like exercising. When you dress up for work, you feel confident and ready to take on the day. But for some reason we’re supposed  to just be in the mood for romance without any effort?

Well, here at In the Garden of Eden we know that setting the mood is a big part of getting into the mood! We also know that it’s not really that hard to do. For starters, why not turn off the lights and set out some candles? This is one of the easiest ways to create an atmosphere that’s right for love.

The flickering light of candles instantly set a romantic mood. Candlelight is soft and more flattering than your bedroom light. Let’s face it–it’s far easier to be confident when you’re not under harsh lighting. You can light as many or as few as you want, allowing you to customize the lighting to match your mood.

Candles also come in many mood-enhancing scents. For instance, jasmine has an old-fashioned romantic scent that many people find alluring. Ylang Ylang is an exotic scent that is considered to have aphrodisiac properties.

Ultimately though, the scents that work for you are unique. It may even take a few tries before you settle on your favorite. Nothing wrong with that!

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Heart RosesValentine’s Day is almost here! At In the Garden of Eden, this holiday is even busier for us than Christmas. Shoppers spend the time leading up to Valentine’s Day looking for the perfect gifts that will make their Valentines feel adored and loved.

Here at the store, we have eye-catching and spellbinding lingerie for every body type. The sizes range from S to 6X, because every single person deserves to feel sexy for Valentine’s Day. Our tremendous staff is here to help with sizes, selections, and fittings, just in case you need a little assistance finding something fabulous!

If you wish to buy something other than lingerie for Valentine’s Day, then remember our selection of massage oils and candles. If your significant other is excited about the Fifty Shades Darker coming out soon, do not forget we carry the books and the items mentioned in both the books and the movies. Come on in and shop shop shop!

Weird Turn-Ons

weird turn ons

Not everybody gets excited by the same things. I started thinking about this in a episode of New Girl I watched recently where the character Jess said that a man gargling beer was a turn on, a big one! In reality,  there is an unending list of things that work for some, and some of them are pretty weird.

Now, we all know there is weird and then there is the kind of weird that makes you cringe. We’re not going there with this post, so if you’re hoping to read about the completely bizarre, you’ll be disappointed. Never the less, there are plenty of off-the-wall things that turn people on.

Here are some to think about, you can decide if they are weird or not so much. For starters, there are some unusual smells that seem to have a sexual impact of people. Chicago’s Smell and Taste Research Center found that the smell of pumpkin pie is a turn on for men, and increased penile blood flow more than over 2 dozen other scents that were tested. So bake up a pie and let the fun begin? Does that make Thanksgiving the sexiest holiday of all?

Cutting your hair might do it for some men. Apparently the process of cutting off some of those locks gets some people hot and bothered. A big drawback to this one seems to be that you can only do this a few times before there’s nothing left to cut!  This one is new to me.

Sweat is a turn on for lots of people, but some people take a bit further. They like the look, smell and taste of it. The turn on here is in licking the sweat off of your body.  You might recall Kristen Stewart saying that Robert Pattinson liked to lick her underarms?

Wigs seem to do it for some. Wearing one, having their partner wear one, even just how they feel in their hands. Maybe this is why some people get into role playing, for the love of the wigs?

Latex and vinyl are a naughty turn on for some. This goes further than just sexy, skin tight vinyl outfits too. We’re talking about gloves and sheets and anything else you can imagine. It’s fairly easy to get your hands on this stuff, so go for it.

Biting and scratching are a turn on for some, and again, this goes beyond the fingernails on the back and some nibbling on the ears. Biting and leaving teeth marks and some pro-level scratching get some people off. Apparently, some people don’t even need intercourse to orgasm if they get bite and scratched all the right ways.

These are a few weird turn ons that either make you feel very normal or just a bit boring. Give us your ideas – what kind of unusual things get you hot and ready for action?

Weekly Sex Challenge — Sexy Robot

sexy robotThis weekend’s sex challenge is for the science-fiction lovers among us. Sure, it might sound a bit silly, but trust us when we say it’s also super hot. One of you gets to be the master, the other gets to be the robot.

As the robot you cannot make any decisions on your own, you have to wait for the master to tell you what to do. You are simply there to do what you’re “programmed” to do. No judgement, just following orders and fulfilling desires.

What makes this so sexy is that as the master you get to tell your sex robot what you want, how you want it and how much of it you want. It is your chance to introduce new things and try new things that you’ve been curious about.

As the robot you get to enjoy a sense of abandon. There is something very freeing in not having to decide on things. Try it and see what you think!

Pumpkin Pie Making Leads to a Night of Hot Sex

I love these friends of mine who give me tidbits to put in here. It makes me smile on a daily basis. While I was being pampered, I was listening to J tell me the story of how she surprised her husband by making a pumpkin pie. Ok, innocent enough. Right? WRONG! J was wearing thigh-high leather boots and an apron. Nothing else. That’s it.

When her husband walked in, she was bent over taking the pie out of the oven. He came up, grabbed her and bent her over the counter. Playfully, she said not now, she was busy baking. Mmmmhmmmm…. This led to some wrestling and ended up in a reverse cow-girl position. On the floor of the kitchen, no less. I imagine there was whipped cream for more than just the pie that night, too.

I love these two. They are the epitome of what a relationship should consist of. First of all, it’s fun. Secondly, they keep it fresh by seducing each other on a regular basis.

Here is my challenge to each of you reading this…do this with your partner. If you are male, wear an apron and nothing else. If you are female, you get the idea. Just don’t forget that the pie isn’t the only thing that should be eaten that night!

Let me know how it goes!

10 Ways Men Are Better Than Sex Toys

People are intimidated by sex toys, both men and women. This post is for the ladies who want to add them into their sex lives and have men who aren’t really game.  I understand the issue, truly I do, nobody wants to feel replaced or like they are inferior.

But, this really isn’t what toys are for – they are to enhance, not replace. Ask your partner if their porn replaces you, there in real life, ready to play? They will laugh and say no, of course not, they need the real thing. That’s your argument exactly… you also need the real thing!

Toys just help you learn what you like, give you a better awareness of your body and how it works and enhances pleasure, that’s it.

Here is a list of things toys can’t do if you need to help your man accept the idea of toys in bed!

1. Toys can’t give us the sweet or sexy talk we need and want.

2. Toys, no matter how life-like the material, do not feel like the real thing. There is nothing that replaces the feeling of a man thrusting inside of you, nothing.

3. Toys are limited… even a toy with 20 different functions does just that, 20 different functions. They can’t mix it up, they can only do what they are designed to do and we all know, humans like variety.

4. Toys can’t be spontaneous…. they can’t turn a late night movie on the couch into a sexy experience. They can’t ravish you in the kitchen for no reason at all or surprise you with an unexpected smack on the behind.

5. Toys can’t make us feel like a goddess…. but when your man wants you, shows you he wants you and touches you like he wants you, you feel like woman wants to feel. Toys can get you to an orgasm, but that’s it.

6. Toys can’t compliment us…. and we all want to be complemented, to be told we’re pretty and sexy even when we worry about how our body looks. We need that, badly, and toys cannot do that for us.

7. Toys can’t make us laugh…. light-hearted fun sex, where you try something stupid and laugh when it fails, is one of the best experiences a couple can have. Toys can’t provide that but your man can!

8.Toys can’t kiss or caress us… and women like to be kissed, caressed, nuzzled, lightly bit on the neck. This isn’t optional, for most women it’s a must to be man-handled a bit and kissed in the process.

9. Toys can’t change positions…. Sure, you can get into different positions with some toys, but they can’t give you that roll in hay experience your man can. Your man might start you on your back but by the time you’re done you might have switched it up half a dozen times. Toys can’t do that.

10. Toys can’t chat with you afterwards… Women like to talk a bit afterwards, laugh a bit, talk a bit, just chat with the person you just shared a great experience with. No toy will ever give that to us, ever.

Sex is fun, toys are fun and they complement each other very well.  Read this with your man and see what he thinks by the time you’re done! Better yet, tell us if this list helped you introduce some toy play into your sex life!

Weekly Sex Challenge — Random Acts of Debauchery

random acts of debauchery, weekly sex challenge


This week’s sex challenge is an easy and fun way to mix things up. All you really need is an imagination and a partner. Well, actually you don’t need a partner either, but we’ll get to that in a moment. To start out, get some paper and write down all the things you want to do with your partner. Write one item down per line so you can cut them all out and put them in a bag or hat. Have your partner do the same thing. Cut them out, mix them up and then select a few to try.

The rules are simple. You get one “pass” and that’s it, so you better use it selectively! Now if you don’t have a partner at the moment you don’t have to miss out on fun. You and your toys can have plenty of fun as well. Write down exciting new things, places and ways to play and write them down on pieces of paper. Pick something random and go for it.

This challenge is all about making even those vanilla things you like more exciting. You can randomize your fun and enjoy the new variations all the more. So enjoy yourself with this little game and feel free to tell us how it goes!

Vaginal Orgasm…An Elusive Dream?

vaginal orgasm


Are you able to achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation alone? Are you able to have a vaginal orgasm? Do you even care, as long as you orgasm? I, for one, prefer the clitoral stimulated orgasm. I CAN have a vaginal orgasm, but it’s a little like the feeling of “who cares”?

The vaginal cavity (what an erotic term, by the way) is usually not a highly sensitive area to most women until fully aroused. Even when I am fully aroused, I don’t find it to be unusually sensitive. The vaginal walls can be engorged with blood, become sensitive to fondling, deep pressure or different types of movements, but this is likely the result of clitoral and G-spot stimulation as well, or just the pure excitement of having sex in the first place. This can result in a small pelvic sensation or a full on, honest to goodness FULL BODY ORGASM.

Have you ever thought about your orgasm? I, for one, just feel like that as long as I have one, I am good to go. What are your thoughts?