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Romance Resolutions for 2018

romance resolutions 2018Every year people make resolutions like working harder, losing weight, and eating healthier. While these can be great goals, they aren’t particularly fun, are they? We want to propose some resolutions you’ll actually look forward to keeping this year!

1. Make time for romance.

You want to, you need to, and yet every year people let work and other obligations get in between them and love. So this year, aim to make romance a constant priority – you won’t regret it!

2. Spice things up.

It’s very easy to add some heat to the bedroom these days. From marital aids and fun games to sexy lingerie and mood lighting, there are many ways to add back the spice. This year, make it your goal to try some new things in the bedroom.

3. Pamper yourself.

Sure, taking the time to pamper yourself is good for you, but did you know that it could also be good for your relationship too? When you take care of yourself, you feel better and have more confidence, both of which help improve your love life!

4. Be nice to yourself!

Okay, so you’re not a lingerie model, but that’ doesn’t mean you’re not sexy. This year, try and be a bit nicer to yourself so that you can relax and enjoy life a bit more. This will not only help you in the romance department, it will also help you in other areas of life!

5. Be nice to your partner!

Maybe your mate forgets an anniversary, or isn’t always as expressive as you’d like. That doesn’t mean they aren’t completely crazy about you. So this year try to appreciate what your partner does instead of dwelling on what they don’t do – you’ll both be happier.

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Jealousy — Sometimes Right, Sometimes Wrong

jealousyJealousy… this is a big old topic and something I think every single human has some experience with. It is the topic of some of our oldest literature and a point of topic in many popular dramas today. So, it’s safe to say that many of you reading this are dealing with this right now at this very moment.

Scientist tell us that jealousy on some level is natural. It’s how we got here, meaning we protect what’s ours, guard it from outsiders and that makes it a part of what we are. However, there is a point at which it’s unhealthy and even destructive.

Psychology Today had a great article about this topic, but I’ll save you the trouble of reading it and summarize the good, the bad and the ugly about jealousy.

Here are some things which trigger unhealthy jealousy:

1. Insecurity – If you’re insecure then you’re going to be jealous. If this is the source of your jealousy then you have some work to do.

2. Baggage – If you carry baggage from previous relationships into your new one, and that is the source of your jealousy, then you have a problem. It’s not fair to make Mr. New (or Mrs.New) pay for Mr. Old’s mistakes!

3. Manipulation – Being jealous and acting out is a great way to temporarily control a relationship. If your mate likes you even a little they will try to keep you happy and Non-jealous.


Now, here are some things which trigger reasonable jealous feeling:

1. Verbal taunting – If your guy or gal always points out how attractive other people are, especially if they are short on the complements when if comes to you, you’re feelings of jealousy are normal.

2. Lack of interest – If your mate has reduced interest in you but eyes your waitress or anything in a skirt, well, your jealousy is normal.

3. Breech of Trust – If your CURRENT mate breached your trust, lied, cheated and is has given you reason to question their loyalty, then jealousy is normal.

So, after reading this and thinking a bit – what do you think of jealousy in your own relationship????