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The Many Uses of Lingerie


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We know what you’re thinking — there’s really only one use for lingerie. While that might be a popular opinion, it’s actually not the case.  Today we want to broaden your view a bit about all the great reasons you should wear more lingerie!

Setting  the mood – This might seem like a given, but it goes beyond just telling your partner that you’re interested. The type of lingerie you choose can give them a hint into your mood. Feeling playful? There’s lingerie for that. Feeling adventurous? There’s something for that too. Lingerie can speak for you, giving your partner the hint they need to kick start some fun.

Boosting your confidence – Nearly everyone has insecurity about their body from time to time. This can destroy your confidence, especially when things start to get serious. Wearing some sexy lingerie, however, can be a game changer. Lingerie has the near magical ability to make you confident. The key is to select flattering styles to play up your strengths and cover your trouble areas.

Banishing the boredom – Even if you have no problems in the libido department, there’s something about a nice piece of lingerie to get the blood moving. If you’ve been in a dry spell, wearing something sexy, especially if it’s unexpected, can jump start the adventures. It’s kind of like making a great dinner in the middle of the week, for no reason at all!

Overcome the blues – Wearing lingerie doesn’t have to lead to anything at all. In fact, wearing something that looks and feels amazing can lift your spirits. This mood-boosting trick can make a normal day seem special and a bad day seem a bit less so. So if you’re feeling blue, slip into something soft and feminine or sleek and sexy – whatever works for you.

It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of lingerie, but as you can see there are some pretty good reasons to give yourself permission to let loose and slip into something slinky.

Sexy at Any Age?

sexy at any age


I am pushing 50. I’ve always been  comfortable in my own skin, but now I find myself scrutinizing myself in the mirror.  As a matter of fact, I ‘m deciding that I am pretty damned obsessive about it.

This stops today.  I may not have the resources that people in Hollywood have to keep up appearances.  What I do have, that I let go of a little lately, is the self-confidence to know that true beauty comes from within.  Beauty from within is sexy, right?

I, jokingly, tell my husband that this is the year that I have an affair.  Everyone, I am just kidding.  Not going to happen.  However,  I think that as we age, more affairs happen because we want affirmation that we are still desirable and sexy.  Am I the only one that feels this way?  I don’t think so.  I think it is something that we, as women, are hesitant to talk about.  We can discuss just about anything else with our girlfriends, but this subject is just. out. of. reach.

Ladies, open up.  Let your feelings out.