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‘Tis the Season for Love

winter romance, seasonIt’s getting darker earlier, the sun is rising later, the weather is colder – but contrary to popular belief this is actually the perfect time of the year for romance. What’s better than a night by the fireplace with someone you love? Exactly!

Here are some simple mood-setting ideas to make this holiday season the season for love!

Candles and more candles – Candles are romantic, plain and simple. Lighting up the room with beautiful, flickering candlelight instantly transforms the mood. So light the room up and enjoy yourself!

Incense, lotions, and oils – Incense can change the mood in many ways, depending on the scents you choose. Musk, sandalwood, vanilla, and jasmine are a few great ones to get you started. Lotions and oils create many sensual opportunities, including the sexy scents they come in.

Lingerie and accessories – Few things say “Let’s have some fun” like lingerie. Luckily, lingerie works for all body types, so find a flattering cut and enjoy. You can also top off your look with hosiery and sexy shoes for a completely unforgettable evening.

Novelty items – If you’re really looking to throw some logs onto the fire, so to speak, why not try novelty items? These come in a large range of possibilities, so we assure you there is something for everyone. So come in and browse – we’re sure you’ll find something perfect!

There you have it, some super easy, super fun ways to add some heat to your holiday season!


Make Time for Romance This Holiday Season

holidays, romanceIf you’re like most people, you’re gearing up for the busy holiday season. While it’s a great time of year, it can also put a strain on relationships. Here are a few tips for making time for romance, even in the busiest holiday season.

Make date night a priority

It’s easy to let holiday plans take over your life. If you’re in a relationship though, this can make your partner feel like they aren’t very important. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid this by keeping up with date nights! If you don’t have a regular date night, then this is the time to start!

Say no…to obligations, that is!

Many people have a hard time saying “no” when they’re asked to help, especially during the holiday season. Not only can this put a strain on your free time, it also increases your overall stress level, which is a surefire romance killer! So, make sure you don’t over-obligate yourself with holiday festivities this time around!

Include romance in the celebration

The holidays and gift-giving go hand in hand. This gives you a golden opportunity to make romance a part of the celebration! This is a great way to make sure that holiday stress doesn’t end up hurting your relationship. So, pick out some sweet, romantic, and sexy gifts for your significant other so they know they’re always on your mind.

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, the holiday season is full of both fun and work. These simple tips can help you make the most of the season while protecting your relationship along the way!




Tips for Throwing the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party (1)It seems like throwing a wild and crazy bachelor party gets most of the attention when it comes to pre-wedding planning, but we don’t think this is fair.  In fact, we think that the bride-to-be deserves a last hooray too!

If you agree with us and are in charge of planning a bachelorette party, we want to help you make it a night to remember. Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started.

Call in the troops – Sure you might be in charge, but there’s no reason you have to do it alone. Enlist every friend you can find to help with the planning. This will take the pressure off and ensure that the night goes smoothly. It’s also a great way to brainstorm ideas.

Remember the bride – It’s important to remember that while you’re in charge of the night, this is not your party! This is all about the bride, so keep that in mind while you make plans. Make sure that the evening represents what she would want, even if it’s not your idea of fun.

Ask the bride – You should ask the bride two important things before you start making plans. The first is what they want the party to be like and perhaps most importantly, you need to ask what they don’t want during their special evening. Everyone has their own ideas and boundaries, and this will help you honor their wishes.

Have a plan B – Even the best of plans can go wrong. People get sick, dates and times need to change, entertainment falls through….so don’t expect everything to go right. Consider some alternatives for things to do, entertainment, and fun places to go. Thinking through a worst case scenario will reduce the stress should something go wrong.

And don’t forget our final, most important bachelorette party tip – enjoy yourself! Don’t get so caught up in getting things done and playing host that you forget to enjoy the fun you’ve planned! This is a once-in-a-lifetime night so get ready to make it one nobody will ever forget!



Treasure the Triangle


We have all been there. We have teenage daughters and it is time to have “the talk” with them. Mine went something like this: Here are the brochures from Planned Parenthood. These are the diseases you can get if you don’t practice safe sex. Sex is wonderful, but only when you are old enough to appreciate what is happening. Don’t do it if it doesn’t feel right. The standard, blah, blah, blah stuff you hear parents spouting as they are praying their kid doesn’t take after them.

I have to say, this last week, during drinks with my friends K and M, I got a huge case of the giggles. K and D were explaining to their daughter about how she needed to “Treasure the Triangle” after learning she has a boyfriend. Poor little thing, super sweet, good as gold, and NOT anywhere near ready to have sex. However, upon learning about treasuring the triangle, from both parents, I am sure she is even LESS ready to have the sex act occur.

Which brings me to this: Ladies, do you treasure your triangle? Do you think, just because you are not a virgin, that you must not place a certain amount of “holy grail” to your girl area? I challenge all of you to TREASURE YOUR TRIANGLE! Don’t just be giving it out there. Respect the Triangle, too.


Weekly Sex Challenge — Sexy Robot

sexy robotThis weekend’s sex challenge is for the science-fiction lovers among us. Sure, it might sound a bit silly, but trust us when we say it’s also super hot. One of you gets to be the master, the other gets to be the robot.

As the robot you cannot make any decisions on your own, you have to wait for the master to tell you what to do. You are simply there to do what you’re “programmed” to do. No judgement, just following orders and fulfilling desires.

What makes this so sexy is that as the master you get to tell your sex robot what you want, how you want it and how much of it you want. It is your chance to introduce new things and try new things that you’ve been curious about.

As the robot you get to enjoy a sense of abandon. There is something very freeing in not having to decide on things. Try it and see what you think!

Sex and Pain

sex and pain

Sex and pain… okay the title might have had you in S&M territory, but what we’re talking about here is the kind of pain that millions of women deal with in silence. Why? Because it’s not hot or sexy to admit that something that’s supposed to be pleasurable is actually causing pain. Talk about a mood killer, right?

Well, many women suffer and say nothing but we don’t think that’s fair. Why should men have all the fun?  Not to mention, there could be things going on down there that warrant some attention. So, don’t ignore painful intercourse, solve it!

If you deal with pain during sex, here are a few reasons it might be happening:

1. Atrophy of vaginal walls – This basically means that the tissue has gotten thin and it generally comes with being less able to get naturally lubricated. It’s hormonal and happens as we age. Your doctor can help because they have a few hormone creams and things like this to help solve your problem!

2. Too little natural lubrication – Now while you might just use lube and call it a day, the truth is that you should talk to a doctor. Not being able to produce lubrication on a regular, long-term basis is a sign of hormonal changes in your body. Your body is telling you something, listen!

3.Vaginal strictures – This is a narrowing of the vagina that causes sex to be quite painful.  Women that have had pelvic surgery, radiation or even just menopause might have this issue. Your doctor has a few tricks up their sleeve to relieve this problem, but they won’t know if you don’t tell them!

4. Interstitial cystitis- Event though this is inflammation of the bladder, it leads to painful intercourse. You need to get your doctor involved to calm down the problem so you can get back to enjoying sex again!

5. Endometriosis: This is a problem with your uterus, so naturally it can lead to painful sex. Actually, this is a very common reason for painful intercourse. You can’t solve this on your own, so make an appointment!

Do you only have pain with deep thrusting?  Pelvic adhesions and uterine retroversion might be to blame. A physician can examine you and find the source of the pain so they can help you solve it.

We are not doctors, we aren’t trying to be, but we are trying to encourage you to take charge of your sexual health. Sex is fun and natural and there is no reason you shouldn’t be enjoying it! So if there is anything that causes you discomfort during intercourse, do us a favor and get to the bottom of it so you can enjoy your sex life again!

Jealousy — Sometimes Right, Sometimes Wrong

jealousyJealousy… this is a big old topic and something I think every single human has some experience with. It is the topic of some of our oldest literature and a point of topic in many popular dramas today. So, it’s safe to say that many of you reading this are dealing with this right now at this very moment.

Scientist tell us that jealousy on some level is natural. It’s how we got here, meaning we protect what’s ours, guard it from outsiders and that makes it a part of what we are. However, there is a point at which it’s unhealthy and even destructive.

Psychology Today had a great article about this topic, but I’ll save you the trouble of reading it and summarize the good, the bad and the ugly about jealousy.

Here are some things which trigger unhealthy jealousy:

1. Insecurity – If you’re insecure then you’re going to be jealous. If this is the source of your jealousy then you have some work to do.

2. Baggage – If you carry baggage from previous relationships into your new one, and that is the source of your jealousy, then you have a problem. It’s not fair to make Mr. New (or Mrs.New) pay for Mr. Old’s mistakes!

3. Manipulation – Being jealous and acting out is a great way to temporarily control a relationship. If your mate likes you even a little they will try to keep you happy and Non-jealous.


Now, here are some things which trigger reasonable jealous feeling:

1. Verbal taunting – If your guy or gal always points out how attractive other people are, especially if they are short on the complements when if comes to you, you’re feelings of jealousy are normal.

2. Lack of interest – If your mate has reduced interest in you but eyes your waitress or anything in a skirt, well, your jealousy is normal.

3. Breech of Trust – If your CURRENT mate breached your trust, lied, cheated and is has given you reason to question their loyalty, then jealousy is normal.

So, after reading this and thinking a bit – what do you think of jealousy in your own relationship????

Things He Doesn’t Think About When He Gets You Naked

get you naked









I don’t know a single female that is happy with their body, not 100%. Sure, I know some confident people but us women tend to beat ourselves up over everything. We also tend to focus on a single flaw and sometimes even let that ruin a good time.

Rachel A. Sussman, author of The Breakup Bible, once talked with a popular women’s magazine on the things men don’t seem to care about, at all, and it is a great list if you struggle with body confidence.

Here are some things that men DON’T think about when you get naked:

1. “Look at that scar… what a turn off”
Body flaws like extra pounds and scars don’t seem to register on men’s radar. Sure, you’re unhappy about them but your mate, especially if we’re talking about a relationship here, doesn’t really care. So stop beating yourself up, don’t even mention it, and focus on things that give you confidence.

2. “Man, I can’t wait to get back to work.”
Work is something men stop thinking about when the clothes hit the floor. Even stressed out men will put aside those worries when they have a naked partner before them. The idea here seems to be that getting naked is a great way to help your guy reduce stress!

3.  ”How soon can we get dressed again?”
Well that isn’t a thought in his head, but for women who dislike their bodies, they often rush when the fun is done and throw back on their clothes. Turns out, men would kind of like you to linger a bit in the buff, flaws and all. Rushing to cover up and get dressed isn’t sexy, so relax a bit and enjoy the freedom!

4. “Let’s turn the lights off!”
Turning of the lights is not on the minds and hearts of men, so stop doing it. Men are visual, they want to see something, so give them something to look at! You can use some mood lighting, but doing it in the dark isn’t a huge turn on. Get some candles and relax!

5. “I’m a sex god!”

Said no man ever… okay sure, a few probably have but we’re talking about regular guys. Guys are insecure,they also think they need to hit the gym and hope you don’t notice it as well. They worry about performance and pleasing you. In other words, they are worried in many of the same ways you are!

At the end of the day, it comes down to this, everybody worries about their perceived flaws and everybody wants pleasure. You can focus on those bad things and deny yourself some fun, or you can enjoy your partner and let worries go out the window. I know which one I’d rather choose, what about you?

Four Instant Mood-Setters

mood setters






I know how it is, you work too much and are too stressed to get in the mood. Sure, you want to be in the mood but just can’t get there with all that’s on your to-do list and mind. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could do something to get things started, no matter what your mood is like?

Okay, there is no magic sex-wand but there are some things that help change your mindset from “work” to “play!”

  1. Lighting – Lighting can really make or break the mood. Turn of the overhead lights and light some candles or a soft lamp. This is simple and effective , so don’t skip out on this classic mood setter!
  2. Unplug – Turn off the television and put your phones and tablets away. All of that stuff distracts your mind and revs you up in the wrong ways. Turn on some music you like and enjoy!
  3. Dress it up – Don’t feel sexy? Well those plain office dudes or dirty work clothes aren’t doing you any favors. Wear something that makes you feel sexy and see what happens.
  4. Sexy Scents  – There are some scents that boost your desire, like jasmine and sandalwood. See what sensual scents work for you and enjoy!

What helps you get into the mood? Do us all a favor and tell us what you like!

Six Signs of a Cheater

six signs of a cheater





Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater….Nobody likes a cheater, from children on the playground to grown-ups in the bedroom, cheating is unacceptable. So, now that we are on the same page, let’s look at some tell-tale signs of a cheater.

Now, as a disclaimer, please know that just because somebody seems guilty of some of these things, it does not mean they are cheating. There are always exceptions to rules, so don’t fly off the handle.
But, you know your situation, and if there are lots of things that don’t add up, start looking closer.

  1. Secret phone time – If their demeanor changes when the phone goes off and they seem to always need privacy to talk, you might have a problem.
  2. Phone on silent – If your mate’s phone is always on silent, they might not want you to know who’s calling.
  3. Unexplained absences – Does your mate take way too long to run an errand? Are they extra late coming home for no reason? If they have unexplained absences, especially if they seem nervous about it, it’s time to ask questions.
  4. Renewed interest in appearance – Is your partner suddenly hitting the gym, watching what they eat and concerned about their appearance? Of course they might just be ready to look and feel better, but it could be a sign that they want to impress their new squeeze!
  5. Reduced interest in sex – If your other half is suddenly less interested in sex they might be getting it somewhere else. The key word is suddenly, because many relationships struggle with too little bedroom time.
  6. Guilty shower – If your partner gets into the shower as soon as they come home, and it’s not something you know them to normally do, it might be a guilty shower. The idea is they want to wash off the evidence!

There are more signs, but we’ll talk about them later. Keep in mind, only you know your relationship and just because somebody does something on our list doesn’t automatically make them a cheater.

There are real reasons that people are less interested in sex (like stress) or suddenly interested in appearance (like a harsh comment from a co-worker). But, don’t be naïve either! Pay attention to your instinct and ask questions first, don’t simply accuse!

Want to add some signs of a cheater to our list? Comment below and let us hear it!