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Weird Turn-Ons

weird turn ons

Not everybody gets excited by the same things. I started thinking about this in a episode of New Girl I watched recently where the character Jess said that a man gargling beer was a turn on, a big one! In reality,  there is an unending list of things that work for some, and some of them are pretty weird.

Now, we all know there is weird and then there is the kind of weird that makes you cringe. We’re not going there with this post, so if you’re hoping to read about the completely bizarre, you’ll be disappointed. Never the less, there are plenty of off-the-wall things that turn people on.

Here are some to think about, you can decide if they are weird or not so much. For starters, there are some unusual smells that seem to have a sexual impact of people. Chicago’s Smell and Taste Research Center found that the smell of pumpkin pie is a turn on for men, and increased penile blood flow more than over 2 dozen other scents that were tested. So bake up a pie and let the fun begin? Does that make Thanksgiving the sexiest holiday of all?

Cutting your hair might do it for some men. Apparently the process of cutting off some of those locks gets some people hot and bothered. A big drawback to this one seems to be that you can only do this a few times before there’s nothing left to cut!  This one is new to me.

Sweat is a turn on for lots of people, but some people take a bit further. They like the look, smell and taste of it. The turn on here is in licking the sweat off of your body.  You might recall Kristen Stewart saying that Robert Pattinson liked to lick her underarms?

Wigs seem to do it for some. Wearing one, having their partner wear one, even just how they feel in their hands. Maybe this is why some people get into role playing, for the love of the wigs?

Latex and vinyl are a naughty turn on for some. This goes further than just sexy, skin tight vinyl outfits too. We’re talking about gloves and sheets and anything else you can imagine. It’s fairly easy to get your hands on this stuff, so go for it.

Biting and scratching are a turn on for some, and again, this goes beyond the fingernails on the back and some nibbling on the ears. Biting and leaving teeth marks and some pro-level scratching get some people off. Apparently, some people don’t even need intercourse to orgasm if they get bite and scratched all the right ways.

These are a few weird turn ons that either make you feel very normal or just a bit boring. Give us your ideas – what kind of unusual things get you hot and ready for action?

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